John Ceredigion Jones

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What connects these two places pictured below?
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The Village of Sultan

Peace Tower in Ottawa


These words are carved in the stone of the Peace Tower in Ottawa. The author of the famous verse lies burried in Sultan. His name was John Ceredigion Jones. Hugh Whitney has provided a very nice photo of the inscription.

This photo is the inside of the Memorial Chamber looking out and above the entrance hall. The cross that is visible is the Memorial Cross given to mothers or widows of lost soldiers.

Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower in Ottawa
Here is a text about John Ceredigion Jones, found among the papers of Vince Crichton, the noted Chapleau historian:

His identity was sought by princes and prime ministers, poets and peasants. His was a life of peculiar frustrations. But he did achieve one thing and it stands as his monument on the Peace Tower in Ottawa

The writer was John Ceredigion Jones, a Welsh-Canadian poet. At 64 years of age (in 1947 ed.), he jumped from the lumbering train, pulled himself together and trudged up to the mill at Sultan seeking work. A penniless wayfarer, he was given a job in the mill. After a few days work, he dropped dead from a heart attack.

Mr. Pausette, mill manager, stated "we did not know where he had come from beyond Sudbury. He was burried with his boots on in a rough wooden box. Rev. Howard Strapp of Chapleau gave him Christian burial and there he lies".

The unravelling of his past showed Jones had been born in Cardiganshire, Wales, March 1, 1883. He emigrated to Canada in 1904 and became a rolling stone who wrote verses and innumerable letters to the press. During his life time, he had been President of the St. David's Society in Toronto, had visited the Yukon, revisited Wales 1921, had been in business with Colonel Pryce Jones on the Prairies.


Above is a photo of his grave in the old Sultan cemetary. The lady in the picture is Glenda Pepper, a part time resident of Sultan who took time to act as guide the day the photo was taken.

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